Friday, October 10, 2014


With so many breathtaking sights and a history seemingly as ancient as earth itself, it’s no wonder that numerous couples select Greece and its islands for their honeymoon! A honeymoon in Greece has offered generations of newlyweds the experience of both an ancient civilization as well as a vibrant, living culture. Only a few other destinations on earth can provide such a rich honeymoon experience.

With 227 inhabited islands in the Greek seas to select from, honeymooners can choose to explore history, sunbathe on beautiful beaches, wander in the quiet picturesque villages or live it up in the bustling towns – everyone will find what they are looking for!

Santorini, the “World’s Best Island” according to Travel and Leisure magazine, is ideal for the most romantic ones, with its stunning  landscape, the gorgeous beaches and the most dramatic sunsets.

Mykonos is a more bustling and cosmopolitan island, ideal for those who are looking for nightlife and fun.

And of course so many other lesser known islands, like Sifnos, Skopelos and Folegandros for those who just need to relax in the sun and enjoy their honeymoon and the beauties of the island in peace.

Whatever one may seek, Greece is the ideal destination and a world that beckons visitors to its shores.

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